Education Innovator. Public Servant. Entrepreneur.

Together we can improve and transform our schools, serve the needs of each student, and make key investments in our professional educators

Keith Sutton has built his career as an education leader, advocate and public servant on the foundation of civil rights and justice for all. For the past decade, he has served as a member of the Wake County School Board.

He is the founder of FocusED LLC, a firm designed to support organizations in the improvement and transformation of education. Sutton currently serves as an education innovation consultant where he specializes in providing clients with consultative services focused on developing innovative, high-quality solutions to complex challenges in the education sector.

Why I'm Running

Some might call me an educator. Others might call me a politician. Who I am is an advocate, a fighter and a leader. I am Keith Sutton and I want to lead North Carolina’s public schools as your next State Superintendent.

Throughout my career, I have thoughtfully and strategically sought to use public policy as a tool to uplift North Carolina communities. I want to continue that work as we elevate public education in our state to heights unseen.

For that to happen, we must solve the challenge of providing a high-quality education to “One” North Carolina. Growing up in the rural, eastern North Carolina town of Rocky Mount and attending public schools in Edgecombe County, I understand the challenges and the divide between rural and urban areas of our state.

Improving and transforming public education in North Carolina is going to take a bold new approach, decisive action and innovative thinking. I have a deep knowledge and understanding of education systems and the experience to effectively lead and manage large organizations. I have the vision and the courage to implement the change that’s needed to return our state to a new level of educational excellence.

Join me and other public school supporters as we campaign across North Carolina to improve and transform education. #TeamSutton2020